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STEM KIDS is a mobile Science Lab for children ages 5 yrs - 11 yrs.

We set up temporary labs and demonstrate fun and simple experiments and activities that get children excited about Science. All experiments are safe and non-toxic.

Our areas of study include Electrical Circuits, Matter, Magnets, Introduction to Astronomy, Human Anatomy, Genetics, Math Games, Simple Machines, Microbiology among others.

STEM KIDS is uniquely designed to meet STEM challenges head-on.

Our creative, interactive format encourages curiosity, exploration, cooperation and a love of learning in our children - who are tomorrow’s innovators and leaders in science, technology and math.


We are located in Gainesville and travel to most locations in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area.

We work with your local school curriculum to enhance what students learn in school.

All science subjects are accepted – no subject is too advanced for STEM KIDS!

We welcome collaboration with professionals in STEM-related areas to create a robust and feasible curriculum.