We set up temporary labs and demonstrate fun, simple experiments and activities that get kids excited about Science.

Most experiments  and projects are safe and non-toxic.

When required, we ensure proper gear for safety.

Experiments include topics in chemical reactions, Electrical Circuits, Matter, Magnets, Introduction to Astronomy, Human Anatomy, Math Games, Simple Machines, Microbiology among others.

We are motivated to to make science approachable fun and exciting. 

We are uniquely designed to meet STEM challenges head-on with a hands and interactive experiments and projects that encourage kids become problem solvers.

Our format also encourages curiosity, exploration, cooperation and a love of learning in our children - who are tomorrow’s innovators and leaders in science, technology and math.

For Birthday parties, activities are built around Chemistry and Engineering. If you have a budding scientist with specific hobbies, we can plan a science party around your child's interests.