Chocolate Science Party

Have you been searching for the perfect party theme idea that is both exciting and delicious? At STEM Kids of Northern Virginia, we love our Chocolate Science Party that combines exciting hands-on science experiments and delicious treats!

Combine Science and Curiosity to Create Great Tasting Party Favors!

There’s some tasty science going on when you make chocolate – like the fatty crystals that change the texture, shape, and taste of chocolate under different temperatures.

At Stem Kids Chocolate Science Parties, kids get to play with chocolate (and who doesn’t like chocolate?) like a true food scientist. They learn how to melt chocolate at the perfect temperature, so the polymorphic crystals stabilize (and, they learn what that means!).

Kids and their guests will make chocolate, learning the science behind it, and then mold, curl and spread the glossy chocolate into fun, playful shapes — think chocolate spaghetti, fun caviars, and playful ‘fake’ white-chocolate eggs. The best part is, this mess is completely edible!

Get the party that takes chocolate to a crazy new level! Book your chocolate science party today!


We provide the following:

Experiment supplies for 12 kids

2 Tables

Chocolate Fountains

We don’t provide cake, food or decor.


90 minute session

Special Discount available
Millitary, teachers or referrals