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Our Work

We set up temporary labs and demonstrate fun, simple experiments and activities that get kids excited about Science.

Most experiments  and projects are safe and non-toxic. When required, we ensure proper gear for safety.

We are motivated to to make science approachable fun and exciting. We are uniquely designed to meet STEM challenges head-on with a hands and interactive experiments and projects that encourage kids become problem solvers.


Chemistry option experiments include topics in simple chemical reactions like exothermic reactions, catalysts, polymers, sublimation, states of matter, Chocolate Science option explores the delicious polymorphic structures of chocolate.

Engineering Options installs a maker lab at your party. We provide guided projects for building simple projects for the invited builders.

Custom party option couldMolecular Gastronomy options explores quirky experiments with food like strawberry spaghetti, fruit caviars and other playful techniques with food.



We would love to have partners in different areas around the country who will inspire the next generation of STEM enthusiasts. Our most popular pop ups are birthday parties. Our kit guides you to set up a local STEM Kids business in your location. The kit gets you ready to start booking parties immediately.

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