Children have naturally curious minds, so why not fill this curiosity with fun, interactive activities and projects that introduce them to scientific theories and concepts? STEM KIDS combines science in a party atmosphere to provide an experience that your kids surely won’t forget. When you reserve a party with STEM KIDS, we come to you and pop up our temporary lab to experiment, learn and enjoy STEM-related concepts in a fun and engaging way. Our options include Chemistry (for all ages 5 – 12) , Chocolate Science party (for 9 and older ages) and a Molecular Gastronomy party (for 9 and older ages). Are you a parent who wants to throw your kid a fun birthday party that will have them talking and that they’ll remember for a long time? or a Teacher/child care provider who wants to immerse your students in a fun, playful science session? STEM KIDS has you covered! Contact us today.